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Communication skills are essential to the workplace

Effective communication skills are invaluable. So much so that many companies spend a lot of money to train their employees on effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills. It is essential that an employee knows how to communicate effectively in various situations, both in how they speak as well as how they write emails or reports. Developing communication skills within the work place is essential for companies who wish communicate optimally, both within the company, as well as with business partners, venders and customers. As such, good communication skills within the work place help with employee morale, team building, and building global business.

Communication skills as a leader in a business

In a leadership position in a company it is vital that your team understands instructions and feedback and that communication is effective. The first step to communicating as a leader is to consider the broader picture of any given situation, before taking action. As such, it is important to gather facts and not to react from an emotional position. To do this one needs to gather, cross check and confirm information before reacting to a situation.

Next, it is important to make sure that you never attack the personalities of your team members, but rather the problem at hand. Attacking a personality will only serve to exasperate the issue and make it more emotional than factual. If you are unsure of whether you are reacting from emotion or fact, if possible, take twenty-four hours to think about the situation before confronting it. If a team member needs to be reprimanded, make sure to do so in private and to speak to the individual at fault and not a group. Conversely, praise can be given to an individual or a group and in public. Similarly, make sure to give feedback in person, rather than written feedback, which can be misinterpreted and misconstrued. Meeting in person ensures that the team member understands the feedback, and if not, can ask for clarification.

Lastly, when assigning tasks, make sure to give clear and concise instructions. Make sure that your team understands exactly what is expected of them, and follow up to make sure that the team member is working toward the same goal as you had intended in your instructions. It is equally important that team members feel that they are appreciated and that they are not over looked within the work place for the best results.

Communication skills as an employee in a business.

As an employee it is also important that you have good communication skills for a pleasant work environment. As such, you will need to remember not to personalize criticism, whether you are giving or receiving it. Take criticism unemotionally and when justified, implement it as a chance for improvement. Learning and growth happens through making mistakes. Use criticism as an opportunity to gain feedback so that you can improve. Moreover, it is important that you find out how you can be a part of the solution to a problem, rather than take feedback personally.

Regardless of your position in a company it is important to communicate based on facts. Good communication ensures good results, and makes sure that employees perform optimally in an environment they feel comfortable in.

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