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Extra Income

“Extra income” are magical words and the additional funds are magical too.  We all at some time or another needed extra income or wanted to help the family with unforeseen costs, be it college fees or a special extra something, or maybe a getaway weekend opportunity with friends.  Or maybe it’s about saving for something special like owning your own home.

Extra income and additional unbeknown benefits

Extra income in Rands is fabulous to have but supplementing your income can have other hidden benefits.  Here is a list to consider when mulling over how to spend your spare time productively:

  1. Extra income means extra cash, but it also means extending your talents.  It will extend your skills base and experience, and giving creates an atmosphere of abundance.
  2. Review your talents, your expertise and your resources – are you a good organiser (help at local events)? Are you good with people (i.e. part-time receptionist) and are you good with children (i.e. babysitting in your local known community)?
  3. There are literally hundreds of companies, small business entities, volunteer groups and non- profit organisations probably within a 10 km radius of where you live.
  4. Start by listing what you enjoy doing – it’s best to use a notepad/notebook and pen rather than a laptop. The creativity doing this task manually is much more rewarding – you can create organograms and charts.  Let your imagination fly!
  5. You will be amazed at the list of resources that you have access too, that you are skilled at and how with lateral, imaginative thinking, these can be put to good use.
  6. Extra income and saving – maybe in the short term you don’t have access to pay for work to supplement your income, so then volunteer at a known community-related establishment or event with your local church, man the switchboard, or help with setting up. There are hundreds of accredited organisations looking for volunteers.

By volunteering, you will extend your work profile anyway and this may lead you to a great new career path.

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