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Improve your Business Communication Skills

Good business communication skills are the glue that keeps any business thriving. For a company to be successful, those working within the company need to have highly developed business communication skills. For one to communicate effectively, one needs not only to effectively communicate verbally but also listen effectively.  Encouraging good business communication skills will not only increase the value of the business, but also that of the individuals working for that business

The keys to Business Communication

Practicing these business communication skills until you no longer have to think about implementing them, will drastically improve your communication skills.

  1. Give all your attention when someone is speaking to you. If you are in the middle of something, stop what you are doing and really listen, don’t just hear, to what is being said and how it is being said.
  2. Don’t let your mind wander, or interject when a person is speaking to you. When the person has finished speaking, really think about what has been said, and then respond.
  3. Before responding, it is important that you make sure that you understood what was said by repeating it back to the person and asking if you understood correctly. Once you have understood properly, then respond.
  4. For a business venture to succeed, all parties need to feel equal and as important as each other. To do this, make sure that all parties share the same information so that a level of trust and cooperation exists within the business. Another way to create a sense of equality is to ask questions rather than constantly giving orders or presenting a monologue, as it shows that you see the individual as an equal and respect their opinion.
  5. Don’t simply criticize, pass judgement or preach your opinion. Rather make objective evaluations about ideas, situations and people.
  6. For optimal business communication skills, ask for advice rather than giving it. When you do give advice, do so when asked and without being forceful.
  7. Aim to speak as simply as possible so that those around you understand and trust what you are saying. Especially when giving a presentation, be specific rather than generalize so that the audience can relate to the information.
  8. Motivate those around you with their potential, rather than by focusing only on their achievements or mistakes.
  9. When dealing with a topic that may evoke an emotional response from the listener, make sure to tend to this response before discussing the logic behind the topic.
  10. Through open and honest communication, develop channels of communication and trust that results in comfortable relations with your co-workers.
  11. Show a sense of genuine interest in your co-workers. If you want to be understood, you need to first understand the views and motives of those with whom you will be communicating.
  12. Lastly, have a sense of humour. There are bound to be miscommunications and mistakes in any business; learn to laugh at them to defuse the situation when appropriate.

The above business communication skills can work wonders in any business and should be taught to, and applied by, all those who are employed by the business.

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