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Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing belongs to a highly specialized field of study, Psychometrics.  It deals with the theory and techniques of psychological measurement.  It is primarily used as a reinforcement of a job interview process and is a valued management tool, especially in corporate senior echelons.

The first highly revealing, accurate part of psychometric testing is concerned with the objective measurement of skills and knowledge, educational achievement, character traits, aptitudes, approaches and attitudes.

One part of the psychometric testing field is concerned with the objective measurement of skills and knowledge, aptitudes, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievement. For example, some psychometric researchers have so far dedicated their studies and observations with the creation, assembly and authentication of the assessment instruments such as questionnaires, tests, judgements by rating personnel and personality tests.  For example, with the numeracy side, the tests are devised in such a way as to test a prospective candidate’s ability to assess/calculate certain situations.  It is not a maths test, but more in terms of skilled assessment and evaluation.

Psychometric testing research involves two major tasks: firstly, the construction of the assessment instruments and secondly, the development of the measurement procedures.

Psychometric practitioners are known as psychometricians. Psychometricians usually hold a specific university qualification, and most are psychologists with advanced graduate training. In addition to more mainstream academic institutions, many psychometricians work for human resource departments in the private sector and for governments as a valued public sector resource. Others specialize as training and development professionals.

Pre-employment psychometric testing –  aptitude and personality tests

Many local and international companies in public and private sectors rely on pre-employment tests, such as aptitude and personality tests.  These are viewed as the best and most effective method to measure your prospective candidate’s match for the position your company is recruiting. These tests reveal clearly to employers as to the range and scope of appropriate candidates.

Various psychometric industry accredited bodies provide preparation solutions to meet your pre-employment tests requirements and are tailored to be industry and job-level specific.  Such organisations have preparation solutions for pre-employment psychometric testing that covers a wide industry spread.  It is not one size fitting all.  This means that a job seeker applying for a position with the Department of Foreign Affairs will have a different set of tests/preparation solutions than one applying for a position with one of our national banks.

So it is vital to be aware of such above factors when advancing your company and talent scouting to find the best.  Your company’s or government departments’ future could depend upon it.  Solid discussion in understanding the vital recruitment scene, both locally and abroad and depending on the work level, and discussing your role and your future can be available to you as a confidential resource by select counselling professionals.

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