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Small Entrepreneur

Own Business or small entrepreneur

Own Business or entrepreneur is the category of business that forms the backbone of any country and increasingly individuals are being encouraged to start their own businesses, rather than relying on big business or governments.

In South Africa, many small own businesses, or entrepreneurs,  form the nucleus of our society, both in the cities and the rural communities.   Please think about all the farming activity for example.

For an employee, this can be difficult because normally in a small own business, much is expected of employees.   Multi-tasking takes on a new level and be prepared to go the extra mile too.

Entrepreneur and high employee demands

Jobs are at a premium in our fair country, but one way of gaining considerable experience is in the entrepreneurial field.   By learning the ropes at the coal face and being of immense value to your employer, means the growth of self with the small company.   It provides you also with the chance of spotting new opportunities and taking on more responsibilities.  Effectively you are creating your own entrepreneurial space!

However, going for growth of both yourself and the own business set-up you are working for comes at a cost and requires considerable dexterity if you wish to maximise your potential.   The challenges of working for a boss may encompass:

  1. Long hours
  2. Taking on multiple roles
  3. Communications are taken for granted and items are not clarified
  4. Inter-working stresses and conflicts
  5. Stresses related to the economy and job risk
  6. That your employer is not well versed in inter-personal skills and expects the world!
  7. Boundaries are not established or adhered to by both employer and employee.

Own business environment and employee counselling

You could consider counselling for the work arena in assisting you with setting own objectives, goals and identifying your vision, for you!  Also, with work counselling, you would have an independent sounding board which could be a wonderful resource in setting parameters in your own business in which you are located.  The counselling avenue would help you define and implement boundaries, construct safe communications’ platforms and define your present and future roles.

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