Asking for help takes great Courage!

Anything is possible. I facilitate this process and give you tools to equip yourself and have a successful journey on the road to recovery! I have witnessed change even in the most horrific situations and there is NOT EVEN ONE problem that can’t be dealt with!

About Louw

Asking for help takes great Courage!

When you are in the midst of unbearable emotional or physical pain, it is only by going through the process of embracing and interacting with our pain that we learn how to manage it and eventually move forward. Through embracing and reconceptualizing your mental distress, you can learn to manage your way through tough times.

You have found the Right Psychologist, Counsellor and Psychometrist

Embarking on a journey to find a psychologist is an act of courage and self-care that I’ve personally experienced, I hope my guidance will light the way to see if I will truly resonate with you.


Your Mental Health is my Priority

Asking for Help Takes Great Courage!

Take the first step!